What if we could send money worldwide in our favorite messaging apps used by more than a billion people? Something as easy as typing Pay 10 to George?

What it does

That's exactly what Ripay does. Powered by the Ripple network and the XRP Ledger it allows you to send money around the world in seconds with nothing more than a simple message like Pay 10 to George, and now thanks to the PayId protocol you can send payments to external users without knowing their Ripple address, just Pay 10 to george$ and the money moves like a message in just a second.

How I built it

I built Ripay in NodeJS with the APIs provided by Ripple like Xpring-JS implementing the PayID protocol from plus all the public SDKs available for each messaging platform like Telegram, Discord, Matrix and Slack (Twitter and Whatsapp in development)

Challenges I ran into

Developing different chatbots for every messaging platform took a lot of thought on standardizing the message flow, processing and responses. Some were harder than others due to the features their platforms implement and their onboarding process is in some cases harder to complete.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Inter-app messaging is a first in payment solutions and we're proud of having accomplished that so more platforms can be implemented in the future. Also, multilingual chatbots are hard to implement and we managed to add English and Spanish to all bots with more languages to come.

What I learned

Payment chatbots are very appealing since messaging apps are everywhere and being able to intercommunicate among apps is breaking ground for payment solutions. Moving money like a message is indeed easy for all with Ripay.

What's next for Ripay

More messaging platforms including Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Signal, Keybase, Kik, to grow the user base into the billions. Allowing deposits using credit/debit cards and withdrawals to bank accounts is in the roadmap too. Multiple Ripple assets like cryptocoins and world currencies with exchange rates and trading on the spot.

Private repo:

Ripay has a private repo at has been granted access to the repo

Testing instructions:

Upon registration two accounts are created, one for mainnet with zero balance and one for testnet with 1000 XRP in balance. In order to test Ripay all you have to do is type test pay 10 to george prepending test to the action, also for checking history type test history. All requests go to mainnet unless specified.

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