Our inspiration was to provide a robust and user-friendly financial platform. After hours of brainstorming, we decided to create a decentralized mutual fund on mobile devices. We also wanted to explore new technologies whilst creating a product that has several use cases of social impact. Our team used React Native and Smart Contracts along with Celo's SDK to discover BlockChain and the conglomerate use cases associated with these technologies. This includes group insurance, financial literacy, personal investment.

What it does

Allows users in shared communities to pool their funds and use our platform to easily invest in different stock and companies for which they are passionate about with a decreased/shared risk.

How we built it

  • Smart Contract for the transfer of funds on the blockchain made using Solidity
  • A robust backend and authentication system made using node.js, express.js, and MongoDB.
  • Elegant front end made with react-native and Celo's SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Unfamiliar with the tech stack used to create this project and the BlockChain technology.

What we learned

We learned the many new languages and frameworks used. This includes building cross-platform mobile apps on react-native, the underlying principles of BlockChain technology such as smart contracts, and decentralized apps.

What's next for PoolNVest

Expanding our API to select low-risk stocks and allows the community to vote upon where to invest the funds. Refine and improve the proof of concept into a marketable MVP and tailor the UI towards the specific use cases as mentioned above.

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