The concept was spurned by the need for simplicity after discovering the zapworks hackathon shortly before it was ending. Choosing the social category a simple thing people need to know about the strangers around them is what is a simple interest we share. Whether at a club , a park, or at work , whether using a phone, an AR lense device, or a smart AR wall as people pass by it.

What it does

Shows some of the "interests & symbols(emojiis)" a person in view may have along their ring.

Click screen to randomize interets.

How we built it

Choose A-frame for a simplicity built using mostly declarative HTML elements. Was able to utilize zapworks existing solor system demo to quickly bootstrap basic animations and facetracking to anchor the ringring concept to the top of the users head. Aframe's built in inspector feature allowed rapid prototyping with zapworks AR features which let me quickly have a camera, face tracking, and 3D object culling for things behind a persons head.

Challenges we ran into

Using emojii's in A-frame with text is not easily support, a process of custom font creation had to be used using a MSDF font generator, and googles Noto Emoji variable font to create a limited character set. A-frames attribute syntax, reviewing AR concepts , understanding zapworks utility in the AR build process, finding suitable SIMPLE approaches to create an MVP without getting bogged down in technical features. Unsucessfully controlling objects along a path in aframe. Not knowing the zapworks deploy process. Deploy issues in aframe with customfont

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting emojii's to work in in a limited typography setting. Speed of development and Ideation.

What we learned

Built in inspection and iteration tools should be a requirement for modern visual media libraries.

What's next for RINGRING

Unknown anything from a toy interest to a useful tool depending on how well culture adopts AR hardware and the need for better more curated social contexts that try to overcome the problems of current social media where everyone has thousands of friends they do not know.

Built With

  • aframe
  • googlefont
  • javascript
  • kapwing
  • stackexchange
  • zapworks-sdk-for-aframe
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