Are you fed up of modern dating apps, always the same kind of uninteresting people? Neither are we, but we made this anyway, so you can awkwardly message strangers on Reddit. We understand that people value different things so we've decided to make this API as adaptable as possible. First of all, when it comes to dating apps it's far too easy to lie about one's interests, everyone claims to "enjoy travelling" whereas our app mines your interests from all of your conversations without any concern for privacy whatsoever, that drunken reddit comment you posted on r/funny? Don't worry we've read it and recorded it so anyone on our app knows just how unfunny you are. On that topic obviously some people care about their social status so we ensure that you know just how high-class that redditor is, whether it be their gild status, or their karma. If you want an insight into how educated they are, we run spell checks to check for literacy and give you an estimated writing age! Or perhaps you just like those edgy types, don't worry we've got that covered too, using state of the art sentiment analysis we can see just how positive you are while sitting on the toilet typing away on your phone, if you're super negative then don't worry I'm sure you can find people with just as little will to live as you.

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