Why bother hiring a drummer and buying a drumset when all you need is Alexa to play a rimshot for you?

What it does

If you can't tell what an Alexa skill called "Rimshot" does, you have more important issues at hand, my friend.

How I built it

Used my superior ability to push specific buttons in a highly specific order while simultaneously diverting precious mental resources to process visual stimuli from a display responsive to the aforementioned pushing of the buttons.

Challenges I ran into

Sometimes I had to blink, critically impairing my concentration for at least a few nanoseconds. I also have an untreatable disease of getting distracted by animal videos.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to to publish my Alexa skill without sacrificing a virgin to the dark lord like I usually do.

What I learned

That Alexa's vocal chords can apparently recreate the percussive nature of a drumset.

What's next for Rimshots

A pun terrible enough for Alexa to crash horrendously and bring about the destruction of the known universe.

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