Basketball is a game that I love. However, for many players around the world, an expensive basketball or lack of courts stunts them from this enjoyment. So, I came up with an idea to make basketball more accessible.

What it does

Rim is a used basketball gear marketplace for teams and players. In addition to lower priced basketball gear, teams can register verified profiles, where they can host fundraisers and sell their old team gear. Celebrities can also have verified profiles, called lockers, where they can sell signed gear to help raise awareness to various causes.

How I built it

The main design of the website was illustrated using OneNote. I created wireframes for a low fidelity prototype. It includes the main pages of the website, and a description of the various features the website would have. I also made a quick portfolio website to further illustrate the mission of Rim.

Challenges I ran into

The hardest part about this project was finding ways for it to be unique. There are already used marketplace websites, but none of the ones that I researched aimed to expand the worlds love for basketball and make it more accessible. They were more centered for business, rather than creating a community to help others.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I feel like the "locker" feature of Rim is a unique idea that I haven't seen anywhere else. By allowing celebrity players to host their own fundraisers directly on the site, money can be raised for the main mission of Rim - making basketball more accessible. Another idea I'm proud of is the idea that a certain percentage of each sell goes to a mass fund for building basketball courts around the world. There would be a page that shows the total of the fund, as well as how many courts have been built using the fund. Allowing people to see the impact of their contributions would be inspirational.

What I learned

Designing a website takes a very long time. There are many different aspects you have to consider. User experience, uniqueness from other sites, etc. However, careful planning leads to ideas that can potentially change the world for good.

What's next for Rim

Using AI to "crawl" and figure out fair market prices for used and new goods, and recommend these prices to users who are looking to sell their goods.

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