We both love playing videogames and enjoy watching other people play games. Especially in a competitive environment.

What it does

Rill is a platform that will be used for eSport tournaments. Players get rewarded instantly or after a game round has been concluded and distribute prizes depending on their achievements. The cool thing is we are able to involve the audience that are watching tournaments by letting set bounties on players they are watching. When a player kills another player that's got a bounty on his head, he will be rewarded with the promised amount that got set by the person that placed the bounty. On the other side we have the tournament organizers that are able to create tournaments and define what prize money they are giving away to the winners. But they are also able to select predefined challenges for the players. Predefined challenges are like "Kill 7 enemies in 1 round with a sniper" or "Survive 5 rounds without killing anyone". When a challenge has been achieved, the player gets rewarded with a Badge, which is an NFT)

How we built it

We have 3 parts

Solidity This part are the brains. It lets you create tournaments, private matches, distribute prize money and NFTs, place bounties, emit events (like when a new bounty has been placed) and much more. It basically has all the functionality that's needed to have Rill going.

Nodejs This part of the platform is mainly the listener and emitter of events, both from games and from solidity. We can also use this for interaction with metadata if needed. Besides that we are also able to host dedicated game servers for the corresponding game (when supported)

React The UI has been build with React

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was learning Solidity, as we don't have much blockchain knowledge. Also finding games that already have an API that we can consume.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we were actually able to have a working case, as this was our first solidity project. Also we are happy that we found a great use case, where we really know we are able to revolutionize this part of the industry. AND that we able to leverage the API of the popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

What we learned

Learned a lot about blockchain, solidity and how Tron works.

What's next for Rill

If we win or don't win, that doesn't matter for us. We want to continue working on Rill and release this as a product which we are proud of. We genuinely believe this is a game changer for the eSports industry. We have quite a lot of upcoming features in mind. The dream would be to quit our jobs and work full time on Rill

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