We are all college students who don't know much about cars, and much less about what to look for when BUYING a car. So we decided to create a website that would help college students and young adults like us to check if the used car they are looking at should be bought, without the hassle of having to look up what makes a used car good. Many students are familiar with Buzzfeed Surveys, where they determine what kind of "Starbucks Drink" or "Avenger Character" they are. Inspired from Buzzfeed Surveys, we instead determine the accurate quality of the car they are interested in purchasing.

What it does

The program will ask the user the model, make, and the year of the car they are interested in buying. After, they will ask a series of questions that will help determine the quality of the car. Behind the scenes, our algorithm will calculate the quality of the car and display it on the results page. The rating goes from one to ten, one representing the quality of the car being at its worst and ten at its best.

How we built it

To retrieve information on the car, we needed an API that can tell us specific features about the car. The API we used comes from Car Query. It can help us determine the specific car's origin, dimensions, and weight. Based on this information, we can also determine if the car is a family car.

Challenges we ran into

When designing the website, there were multiple obstacles to overcome especially since we were learning Bootstrap for the first time. After receiving our mentors' help and researching helpful information online, we were able to overcome our difficulties. For example, learning how to format aesthetically and uploading the right images onto flask. Another obstacle was finding a free API that gave us accurate information regarding the car. Initially, we wanted images of the specific car the user put in as the input, but none of the APIs we found gave us information. If we wanted an image of a Honda Accord 2007, the API we found would give us pictures of flowers. Finding the right API specifically for images became too hard, so we ended up searching for APIs that gave us features of the car instead. And Car Query not only provided us this information, but also gave us the features we were looking for.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

From a technical aspect, learning Bootstrap, connecting the backend to the frontend, and finding a good API to successfully build a web application were some of the bigger tasks we accomplished. We also worked well together as a team, understanding each other's issues and supporting one another when faced with a challenge.

What's next for RightWay

The version of RightWay serves as only the baseline of what is to come. With future iterations, we hope to add more specific questions to determine the quality of the car, in addition to embellishing the user interface design. We also hope to add more qualities about the car (from the API or an improved API) and improve the overall design of the web application.

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