Rightnote is a tree based information manager which allows you to store your notes in an organised tree structure.

With the new Evernote integration, you can store selected Evernote notes in a well organised tree outline, and keep them in sync with your Evernote account at the same time. The Evernote note supports the standard Evernote elements such as locks, to-do's and attachments.

Rightnote also supports tags which are kept in sync with the Evernote tags.

Besides the "Evernote" note type, the program supports other note types as well: A Richview note - for advanced text editing, tables, paragraph formatting. A Spreadsheet note - for lists or light-weight calculations. A Webpage note - store entire webpages in their original layout. A Source code note - common source code highlighters. (You can convert from one note type to another, but not for all types)

The "Side-by-side tree view" arranges trees next to each other so that you can easily move notes from one page to another or between different notebooks.

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