There are 22 million visual impaired people in US. 1,5 millions of them are regular Internet users. 450,000 of them are active mobile users. 450,000 blind people use mobile phones but only few mobile applications developed specially for them. For over year, we work closely together with SF Eye Research Institute to adapt new technology for blind people needs.

What it does

We developed unique accessibility application: user can point iPhone in any direction and can HEAR what is "right HERE". The app retrieves places nearby User's location, shows its on map, and TELLS the User what place is straight ahead and how far is it. This is a very helpful tool that blind people will use on daily basis. The app works with VoiceOver screen reader without any interference.

How we built it

We create developer account and get HERE SDK for iOS. The next step, we create the app and utilize full power the HERE SDK.

Challenges we ran into

HERE SDK is a very straight-forward, but a lot of experiments were done due some lack of documentation. App architecture has to be adopted to work with Voice Over without interruption and interference.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Build an accessibility application ready for production in 24 hours.

What we learned

HERE SDK architecture and features. How to utilize full power of the HERE SDK.

What's next for rightHERE

We are go global. We plan to spread this Solution on all major mobile platforms.

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