This design emphasizes what patients want and need to know before, during, and after a clinical trial.

  • Our design / experience strategy is to support and guide patients seamlessly through the clinical trial stages.

  • Our content strategy is to give patients only content relevant to their needs in the stage and to present that content in a usable way, no matter what device the patient uses.

The tactics and principles we use include

  • Adding a clinical trial stage of "planning" to allow patients to give constructive feedback.

  • Applying best practices in information design and visual content strategy to emphasize the most useful content for patients.

  • Progressively disclosing detail and features so that patients are not overwhelmed.

  • Using a personable, human voice and plain language whenever possible.

  • Providing some transparency into the people behind the research.

  • Always giving patients actions they can take about the clinical trial.

  • Showing sensitivity to references to death and illness.

Our submission includes screen designs for a clinical trial in 4 stages (planning, recruiting, in progress, completed). We also included a design showing how a screen will respond to tablet and phone mobile screens.

We also included a sample download document. We included most required fields in one of the 4 screens. Any required fields that do not display in a screen would are in a download document.

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