Our goal

Improving communication experience by removing the barriers of language.

About Tarajem

Instant translator that helps the pilgrim to talk or lesson to anyone regardless of his or her language.


With more than 136 countries and 200 languages we will face

  • Massive human translators must be dedicated for pilgrims .

  • Helping and dealing with (deaf,mute and blind) pilgrims.

  • Sending notifications and alerts to pilgrims each by his or her language.

Challenges can Tarajem help in.

-One message to millions of pilgrims, e.g One message written in Arabic will be translated to 200 languages.

-Messages translation without any human translators interaction by taking the advantage of AI.

-Can be used by any Hajj sectors to simplify the communication between Hajj sectors and pilgrims.

-Pilgrims can receive messages via sms no smart phone or app required.


  • (Tarajim) Webhook that can be used by any sector (government,private).

-Run everywhere IoT,drones,sign boards..etc

-Automate alerts and notification that sent to pilgrims by learning from the previous years experience.

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