Rigel SCT is a SNOMED CT concept search service engine and corresponding user inteface.  Rigel is designed to improve on extant SCT search facilities in a number of ways: extremely high-performance interactive search, with autocompletion, autosearch and match highlighting highly sensitive search, using lexical analysis highly specific search, via a context-sensitive match grade algorithm search filters, by hierarchy standard subset, including the CORE Problem List hypertree browsing of the SCT multihierarchy (Java version only)  A more detailed description of Rigel functionality and system requirements can be found here. The Rigel UI is available in two client forms: Java and Web.  The Java form is available for three languages and dialects:  US English, GB English and Spanish, and includes a hyperbolic tree browser. Rigel uses the US SNOMED CT distribution, and the SPECIALIST Lexicon, both from the NLM.

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