Rig is one of the names given to Heimdallr a god in Norse mythology,possessing foreknowledge, keen eyesight and hearing. He keeps watch for the onset of Ragnarök while drinking fine mead in his dwelling Himinbjörg, located where the burning rainbow bridge Bifröst meets heaven.

Rig is chosen to be the name of the project as it is guarding the user during his daily routine.Instead fine mead, Rig will be fed data that the user is logging each time he's about to eat or drink. and Instead of dwelling Himinbjörg, Rig will be available on the cloud (Azure, Google Cloud or AWS) so it will be available on all platforms.

Making healthy food choices, staying at a healthy weight are the main measures to take in order to prevent type-2 diabetes.These measures are among the most common topics that affect directly the type-2 diabetes patient and his entourage (family & friends). The patient entourage is encouraged to shop and cook according to type-2 diabetes recommended diet. The patient himself, and especially once he discovers he's having type-2 diabetes, must have a radically different food choices. This may, in some cases, even be the cure that will put an end to this disease. Rig is focused on this point through collecting treatments in psychiatric studies about nutrition habits.

Family-based treatment (FBT) is emerging as a treatment of choice food disorders: adolescent anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Many studies and scientific articles point at the intervention of family and other people might be an important factor to monitor and guide the daily eating habits. In fact FBT was statistically superior to adolescent-focused individual therapy (AFT) as the studies showed.

The idea behind Rig is to be inspired of these studies of extreme cases (Food Disorder) in order to: 1 prevent everyone from type-2 diabetes 2 help type-2 diabetes patients help themselves to adopt a healthy nutrition diet 3 provide the researchers and doctors detailed analytics that can lead to better results


Family-Based Treatment for Adolescent Eating Disorders: Current Status, New Applications and Future Directions Katharine L Loeb, PhD1,2,* and Daniel le Grange, PhD3

Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Family-Based Treatment With Adolescent-Focused Individual Therapy for Adolescents With Anorexia Nervosa James Lock, MD, PhD; Daniel Le Grange, PhD; W. Stewart Agras, MD; et al

Family-based treatment of eating disorders James Lock MD,Daniel le Grange PhD


Rig is a platform in which you select a circle of people to help you keep track of what you eat. Rig is an application to the experimental Family-Based Treatment in order to prevent type-2 diabetes by controlling nutrition habits; it helps you eat right and make healthier food decisions not by yourself but also through the advices of those who care about you. The Food logging and monitoring is made effective through voice activate technology solution: Voice recognition is used to verify the user logging the data, the feedback and advices given by the family circle also are taking shape as sound commands ( reward, satisfaction, advices )

Rig takes shape as a "gamified" platform available on smartphones (android and iOS) to facilitate the food logging procedure. the platform is also made available through web in order to be more accessible and share the statistics among the family circle.

The advantages of Rig as a hosted platform on the cloud is the possibility to port the solution to connected devices as Alexa or Google Home: through voice activated commands and voice recognition, it may welcome each family circle membre once at home and tell him exactly what are the last food logged by the monitored person and then congratulate him, encourage him or ask him to log what he ate if he forgot to do so.

Beyond and food tracking and calories counting , Rig may be an community experience in which family circles newcomers and trade recipes, tricks, meal plans etc...

Rig targets adolescent & their families as the experience will be shared on devices Rig targets researchers and academic institutions to be used as a tool to make more effective studies and therapies during which the doctor is more "interactive" with the patient through "Family Circle"

Adolescence is a sensitive stage during which the need of family interactions is vital. Rig provides the social experience solving this unique and delicate use case in order to prevent type-2 diabetes or help actual patients adapt themselves to a healthy diet by sharing nutrition habits in a way to better control it.


Rig is not like a traditional food and nutrition tracking apps. Rig is an application to an emerging scientifically tested treatment of food disorders: Family Based Treatment.

The idea behind Rig is to be inspired of these studies of extreme cases (Food Disorder) in order to: 1 prevent everyone from type-2 diabetes 2 help type-2 diabetes patients help themselves to adopt a healthy nutrition diet 3 provide the researchers and doctors detailed analytics that can lead to better results

Rig comes as a unique social experience during which a choice is made of "Family Circle" that can include the doctor, family, friends and more. Voice activated technology is the key technology in order to log the daily food and interact with the family circle: exchange advices, share recipes, tricks, and meal plans.

Rig is plateform hosted on the cloud. So, in contrary of many usual tools available in the healthcare or mobile markets, it presents a ubiquitous experiment that can be lived through smartphones, websites and connected devices as Alexa and Google Home.


The solution can be easily implemented due to the availability of the essential technology resources: Cloud platforms as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, in addition to voice integration & recognition API on Android and iOS. Alexa and Google Home are also emerging technologies coming in an affordable price working through voice commands.

Rig may be a project commercialized directly to the end-users and/or to medical institutions and academic research labs in order to be used then by doctors as part of the "Family circle" and therefore the experiment.

The necessary funds to build a decent prototype might come from funds for innovative startups as well as online contests considering the affordable costs of using cloud platforms.

Rig: the product can be easily distributed and communicated once prototype finished. a published website and mobile app in addition of Google Home and Alexa skill can be easily communicated through advertisements on Facebook, or advertisements on Google Adsense.


Rig comes as a platforms hosted on the cloud: a series of web services will be the bridge between the collected data and the devices (web, mobile, connected device). The Voice-Activated Technology is made available through various API's on web and mobile which make the implementation of the solution possible.

The idea comes from a software engineer having 5 year experience around web, mobile and IoT development as an R&D engineer, associate professor, and developer now working in Paris, France. A speaker and trainer in several international events and contests, the necessary skills are guaranteed to implement and present a solution as Rig.

The project is still in the idea stage, it will surely come to life with the right support

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