We designed Rig Jockey, a guiding application to help truck drivers maneuver into a loading dock. Our app design provides path guides and visual diagrams for use while driving at low speeds on final approach to a target.

What it does

As a truck reaches its destination, it identifies a target loading dock though use of visual recognition, GPS, or specifications provided by the receiving party. The application then determines the best path for positioning the truck to reverse towards the target and displays a set of arrows on the ground to indicate the path.

Once the truck is in position, the app displays a set of diagrams allowing the driver to approach the target as if it were right in front of them. Currently it is recommended that truck drivers stick their head out the window when backing into a loading dock, which has obvious drawbacks especially in rain or snow.

Included on the display, two sets of curved tire tracks indicate the actual and expected paths to the target much like existing parallel parking assist features for automobiles. When the two tracks align, the truck is approaching the target correctly. A steering wheel diagram indicates exactly where the driver should position his or her own steering wheel in order line up with the target.

Finally, a green box in the center of the display indicates the location of the target and a red box provides the relative location of the back of the truck. As the truck moves closer to the target the red box increases in size until it matches the green box indicating the track has reached the target.

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