Upon picking up the Oculus Rift, we were immediately amazed by its potential of transforming the hardware and software into a product that is more intuitive, exciting, and innovative. Coupled with the Thalmic Labs Myo for gesture control, we set off to redefine what a music player should be…

RiftMP submerges the listener into a world of visual harmony, allowing for higher level of emotional stimulation through sound and moving images. Music can now be experienced like never before! 360 degree visualizations (music-generated in real-time) create a private world for the listener to sit, relax, and enjoy the dance between music and a virtual world. The potential for future development of this project is limitless: musicians will now be able to let their fans into their private artistic world. No more will you have to just listen to your music; with RiftMP, you can now fully experience it, Yo.

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