When we experienced what Oculus is capable of, we saw the potential of transforming the most ordinary devices and software we use daily into a product that is more intuitive, exciting, and innovative. The Oculus Rift can allow music to be experienced in a way that it has never been experienced before, full submersion of the listener into the world of visual harmony. We took the concept of visualization and created a world where the listener can sit, relax, and enjoy the dance between music and a virtual world. We believe that this allows the listener to connect to the music in a revolutionary way and allow higher level of emotional stimulation through sound and moving images. The potential for future development of this project is limitless. We are hoping that in the near future, artist would be able to take advantage of this technology by letting the public into their artistic world. Our goal is allow the user to not only listen to their music, but to fully experience it.

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