About Rifft - Rifft is a tool designed for musicians to easily capture and distribute digital audio and video recordings to select users.

Inspiration - The concept for Rifft came from musicians who voiced a need to have rehearsal sessions captured for future viewing/listening and to be able to automatically have them sent to bandmates, collaborators, storage sites like Google Drive and the like. The application expanded to provide more utility to collaborate, share with the public and solicit feedback.

Technical Underpinnings:

Project Home: https://bitbucket.org/splitZone/88point9_hackathon/src/master/

Website: https://sharp-shannon-31f19f.netlify.com/#/

Built With

  • vuejs - frontend JS framework
  • figma - collaborative design tool
  • notion - collaborative project management tool
  • Airtable - spreadsheet meets database
  • netlify - build, deply, and manage modern web projects


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details

Built With

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