• To reduce carbon footprint caused by vehicular emissions, we are pooling people together and giving them the control over sharing their expenses for their travel.
  • Avoids the overpricing of fares when there's a demand.
  • To make ride sharing less complicated without the need to download yet another app on your phone. ## What it does
  • Any person with a facebook account can look for the "Ridr" bot to start a conversation and find people going towards the same destination ## How we built it We leveraged the phenomenal NLU capabilities of API.AI and the versatility of Facebook Messenger, along with a PHP REST API and the Google Maps API ## Challenges we ran into We have had problems making PHP run our scripts ## Accomplishments that we're proud of We have a working chatbot that can recognize most user input, and an almost functional backend ## What we learned Natural Language Understanding is hard, but not as hard as making PHP talk with Pyhton and figuring out Facebook documentation! ## What's next for Ridr We plan to fix the backend issues so the app is functional, and maybe add some extra features like payment regulation, or group car rental options
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