Ridr is a new method of transportation that involves public, private, and ride-sharing!

Ridr was brought about by the large number of Uber-spinoffs that have arisen. It is a hastle to navigate so many apps to find the best deal. Just type in where you want to go and Ridr will find the fastest, most cost effective solution.

Original pitch:

There's a lot of hatred for Uber because it's "killing off taxi services". Add spin-offs such as Lyft and Sidecar, there's an evolutionary war going on between transportation services. We found a way to accelerate this process of natural selection by combining all the transportation services (Lyft, taxi, even metro bus!) into one. Enter Ridr. Ridr finds the most hassle-free way from point A to point B, without you having to open multiple apps to tell if uberX or Lyft is closer. May the best transport service win!

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