Inspiration: We found a lot of people take too much time to find resources about transportation.

What it does: RideTheVille provides a website that people can input their current location and destination and it will give the closest scooter in the city. Also, it offers time to pick up scooters/bicycles and time to complete the trip. It will do a comparison to time travel by cars, on foot, or by bus, so that people in the city can pick the most efficient way to commute. It is one-stop solution for all different transportation means. Furthermore, It offers a lot of resources for potential discount that can encourage people to use public transportation

How we built it: We use Google Maps API to query for information about traffic and total time travel. Besides, we use Open Data from Louisville Innovative Office that collects data from Bird, Lime, Bolt and Spin which are the biggest scooter providers in Louisville. We use the website as a UI to provide the information.

Challenges we ran into: Google Traffic Matrix API is limited on the types of data and number of calls. Also, The Louisville Open Database API does not cooperate really well. We only have team of 2 so we have to cover a heavier workload in a short period of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: The Google Maps API works well and interactive that can provide very useful information. We are able to manipulate data from Louisville's Open Database well.

What we learned: A lot of API and technical skills such as JQuery or back-end development in general.

What's next for RideTheVille: We want to use Google Traffic API to give information about how the current traffic affects scooter drivers. More specifically, we can add Safety Recommendation for a specific rout from user's input. Make the website available on many different devices. Furthermore, we want to expand the app availability to more cities.

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