Inspiration We were inspired by the high amount of traffic and lack of transportation means that many college students face.

What it does It is meant for users to share rides with other university students in their area to reduce costs and find partake in shared activities.

How I built it We built it using xcode and firebase. The final product is an app meant for ios devlepment.

Challenges I ran into We ran into the challenge of not knowing much about swift or firebase going in and having to deal with a lot of bugs that we were unfamiliar with debugging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of We're proud of being able to utilize the services provided by both firebase and xcode to build a smooth and transparent UI.

What I learned We learned how to authenticate user information and design a mobile application for ios.

What's next for RideShare We would like to finalize the posting service so that users in the app are able to post their actual information and have their student status at a university authenticated to ensure safety and transparency between riders and drivers.

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