Inspiration Increasing number of accidents and security concerns in the city

What it does - This app automatically calculates the safety score of the driver based on the stats provided by the Arity drive engine SDK and the speed limit from mapquest for each of the route driven. Ride sharing services like lyft and uber will use this safety score in their app to automatically allocate the safest driver to the riskiest root which get calculated in the app using the risk API. This will also help uber reward the drivers who drive safely and take action against the riskiest drivers.

How we built it

We uses drive engine sdk and mapquest to calculate the safety score Arity risk API was used to calculate the route route risk score

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making riding and driving safer

What we learned there are technologies out in market which can help making driving safer

What's next for Ridesafe- integrating it with ride sharing services so that everyone can benefit with it

Built With

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