Coming from India, we've seen a lot of new and elderly drivers struggle due to underdeveloped infrastructure and wanted to alleviate the negative effects of potholes and poorly marked speedbumps.

What it does

This project alerts drivers via their phones when the system detects any anomalies in the road's surface. Certain parameters set in the code help differentiate between potholes and speedbumps after calculating the relative distance of the sensor from the road.

How we built it

The project is powered by two arduino boards, each controlling an ultrasonic sensor of their own. The outputs from both boards are taken into account to distinguish the type of anomaly in the road. The built in bluetooth chip in the arduino is used to connect to the driver's phone. The data is recorded in a database that we hope can help make a better street map once more data is aggregated.

Challenges we ran into

Establishing a connection between the bluetooth transmitter and iOS using Swift's Core Bluetooth library proved to be challenging, as it involved prior knowledge on peripheral characteristic values.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seamlessly integrating data output from the arduino and the cloud using Google Firebase proved to be very advantageous for us. Also, the chance to improve driver safety at a very low cost in developing countries was a huge driving force.

What we learned

Bluetooth Low Energy, Ultrasonics were some of the interesting concepts involved in making this project.

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