Thousands of People travel on their own cars on a daily basis from Wah, Taxila, Hassan or many other towns or cities to Islamabad / Rawalpindi for study, job, business purposes.

What it does

A solution through a mobile app which people can use and share/get rides and this will be cheap in terms of if they share fuel price with each other including the owner of the car. Mostly the app features are kind of solution providers or proof of concepts. All I want is to give some idea that this could be build as well as to Learn Flutter and be a part of the community.

How I built it

Using Flutter which is really efficient, fast and development time saving and most importantly native look and feel on multiple platforms from the single code base.

Challenges I ran into

Flutter is very rich in documentation. I think technically the challenges normally faced using Flutter is native side configurations, so I also ran into the challenge when I did migration for AndroidX but it wasn't last longer until I did understand how to fix those because of the documentation. Another challenge i think can be is that Google has provided it's location or Places based APIs to paid and has limited free APIs call so I have to manage this, apart from that Google maps Poly lines drawing on map that would be my future advancements in my app but i think these would be my challenges. The other challenge was (which I can say non technical) is to give time to develop this app, as I am a regular employee in a company and I have to travel daily overall 3 hours approximate from home to workplace and vice versa. So daily when I come home I spent some nights to develop this app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I've participated in this event first. Also, I was thinking about to learn Flutter and this event really helped me doing this learning

What I learned

Technology wise I've learned Flutter which I can say is added as skill Matrix for me. I've learned that not to stick only a few domains, platforms. Always try new platforms and do something out of the box. I think we all should think about this in Pakistan we always adopt some technology when it becomes popular in the outer world. I've learned that we should be a part of the community and rather just getting help, contribute something.

What's next for Riders Pool

My Upcoming and Future advancements would be following initially:

  • App-based/ Web-Based admin panel where the following are displayed
  • Rides Per Day
  • Rating
  • Feedback of both passengers and riders
  • Proper Estimation of cost
  • Cost with or without AC
  • Gender-Specific rides/ number of seats
  • Share rides with friends and family

Useful Links

Download and install for iPhone

Download and install for Android

Github Repo

Youtube Demo

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