All the sketchy carpool request on Facebook.

What it does

Allows users to share their car ride plans on the platform. The platform displays user's facebook friends' planned rides. Users can create or join a ride group based on their starting location and destination. The group then can carpool or split a ride through Uber/Lyft.

How we built it

Prototype and mockup in Figma Built using React and SASS

Challenges we ran into

Making UI work. Making back-end work. Answering this question

Accomplishments that we're proud of

creating a useful app for general population

Hakan: Meeting some excellent people and creating something very useful

Ben: Actually making this thing

Arpi: Having a good time

Aleksandre:Waking up today, actually attending this. Also, meeting my teammates and being the model user for this app

What we learned

Hakan: How to make react apps, how to prototype in Figma, how to iterate quickly, and the power of friendship

Ben:React apps, PWAs, how to use Google maps api with react, SASS

Arpi: Learned how to prototype in Figma, how to implement flex boxes in HTML/CSS, and how to import Google Fonts

Aleksandre: A lot, lot more than what I learned in 6 weeks of PIC10A.

What's next for RIDEPLAN

Making it fully functional

Built With

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