You can not even imagine how you feel when you spend 3 hours every single day in a car or bus. It's so booooring. I found out that I'm not alone, there are billion people around the worlds who think the same way. I asked my friends to be part of this hackathon and we started. We acquired random 1200 users to test our idea. It took only 3 days to have them. So the pain is big. They told us that they failed to solve the problem, you can become a taxi driver or spend time posting rides on different websites, communities and so on. So we decided to build a real-time solution. The system automatically matches passengers and drivers in real-time along their way. As a passenger, you share travel cost depends on part of the route and quantity of people in the car. The whole amount that driver gets isn't higher than the gasoline price.

What it does

Automatically connects drivers and passengers with similar routes (developed custom efficient algorithm)

Challenges I ran into

It looks simple, but it's a very sophisticated solution. We created AWS -based serverless back-end, with implemented automatic time-space commuters matching highly-scalable algorithm that works in realtime. But it wouldn't possible without a user-friendly map and routing HERE has.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Automated ride-sharing service that works in realtime Integration with HERE APIs

What I learned

We have found that HERE services and APIs perfect fit for smart mobility platform that we developing. Explored, integrated and tested routing and maps APIs, found that.

What's next for RideNOW SmartMobility

We want to create MAAS service - the one for any provider that uses ground transport. So you can get ride, rent car, get bus trip, ren bicycle, order food, deliver package in one platform. Let RideNow together!

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