I found out about this problem when moved to the suburb. Public transit was horrible because I had to transfer from but to metro. So I bought a car, but I didn't help. I felt only and spend over 2 hours commuting to home/work. Moreover, finding a parking lot took me up to 15 minutes every day.

What it does

It matches driver and passengers in real-time

How we built it

We build our own routing machine on OSRM and our own matching machine. It's a serverless solution deployed in AWS. Frontend built on JS.

Challenges we ran into

It was taught, but fun 😄

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It really works and we believe that it's a great opportunity to help's users getting to work.

What we learned

Everything is possible with a great team.

What's next for RideNow - find carpooler in real-time

Make it beautiful and deliver to users

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