Joe, Noah, and Quentin were all frustrated by the four hour drive to get to tribeHacks. We figured others must feel the same, and created a solution to this problem!

What it does

It will allow hackers to drop pins on a map for whichever hackathons they are attending, and see others who have dropped pins. Each pin offers an email address, and whether or not the person is looking for a ride, or offering to drive others nearby. In this version, people will email each other to set up carpools.

How I built it

Javascript/HTML/Bootstrap/google maps api was the front end, while firebase stored all the info. We kept it simple with only three pages- login, sign up, and the main map page. The login system through firebase compliments this minimalist approach nicely. Once the basic pin placement was working, we simply kept adding features until we needed to sleep!

Challenges I ran into

Using the google maps api was a bit tricky, and there were subtle problems with the pin dropping, such as the info windows that popped up, as there was conflict with how Javascript processes and saves information. Also, due to the amounts of calculating, the scripts got unwieldy and they needed to be restructured sometimes. There is a lot of data needed, and organizing it in a clean enough manner was difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project was much better than our previous hackathon's project, and we stuck with it and completed as much as we could. We all agree that this is very demoable, and gets our main intent across quite nicely. We also all had a lot of fun, enjoyed making it, and are proud of our work. We created an effective database structure, something that tripped us up in the past. Also, two of our members had no knowledge in JavaScript, and learned a bunch in the process. We also ended up very happy with the layout of the site, despite our earlier concerns.

What I learned

There was much learned about google maps api, as all three of us never used it before. Quentin learned a lot about Javascript as he never had used it before. Noah learned some Javascript, but mainly learned more HTML and how to use w3 mixed with Bootstrap. Joe learned more about Javascript, as well as Firebase organization. Overall, we're very happy with how we did.

What's next for rideHacks

The next step will be removing and moving pins. Next, we hope to implement features such as allowing users to send email requests by clicking on the info windows, drawing paths that will say how far out of the way picking someone up would be, and make the project more aesthetically pleasing overall. Also, security is a definite must looking forward, due to the nature of the information being stored. Calculating route distances, to determine who is and is not out of the way within a reasonable margin, as well as revenue calculation would all be great features to add.

To sign into the website, either create your own account, or you can use: email: password: p

Happy pinning!

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