The goal of Ride with Us, was to be able to view a web page of a place you want to go, on a browser, and have a quick, Uber request made.

There was quite a bit of work setting up the architecture to work well with Uber's Authorization flow (which we successfully handled) via the Settings page of the Chrome Extension.

We're able to log in and make requests, which is great! However, the project still needs some work in polishing the look & feel (to fit within Uber guidelines) as well as finalize the request work flow and estimates.

We wish we had spent more time to polish. A lot of work was done to integrate all the endpoints, configure with AngularJS, setup the Authentication flow (which we're proud works), and make a request.

Installation Instructions for your Ride with Us Extension

  1. unzip the directory
  2. Open chrome://extensions in the browser
  3. Click Load unpacked extensions
  4. Select the 'extension' directory

You should see an Uber icon in your browser. Now if you click that on any page, it should display a popup window with the name of the website, the address, and the location

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