We often go for long road trips and check the weather portals before starting any road trip, we need to check for weather by entering all the intermediate places covered in the route and also predict the time of arival at those particular places which is a hectic task. Sometimes it happens like we just check the source and destination weather but have to face harsh weather conditions in middle of the trip unexpectedly. To avoid this we came up with an app which shows the weather predictions all along the route with respect to estimated arrival time to that place.

What it does

Way Weather is an app which shows weather conditions along with the route in a Map. When you enter your Starting and desination points, it extracts some information from Maps and weaather API's, Displaying those weather condition on map, Which tells the user whether they should change the route or drive with extra care.

Motivation: Ultimately, this mobile app ease your journey without any weather worries.

How we built it

We used google places api to populate the autocomplete edittext for source and destination, then we used google directions api to draw path between source and destination to get the estimated time to complete different stages of our journey and further we used Darksky weather api to fetch weather for particular locations falling in our journey with respect to Estimated time of arival.

Challenges we ran into

Major Challenge was to find an api which can provide precise weather forcast with hourly frequency. Secondly, Making ann Algortithm to find the estimated time to reach at any interval in our journey and requesting the weather for that location after calculated time.

What we learned

We Learned how two different web Api can combinely be helpful in making cool and useful Appilications

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