People dont have money to travel some methods of transportation. Lyft api was also a big influence.

What it does

It compares prices and times between different transport companies.

How we built it

Website made with html + css + javascript. JsNode , JQuery , C3 , and D3 used to make the charts

Challenges we ran into

Nearly impossible to include data from lyft api into our charts. Our partner had to leave health issues and had to leave early. Due to this we could not utilise the files that used the Lyft api.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the charts and accessing the lyft apis.

What we learned How to use python to access a web server , how to use the Google geolocation api , make charts using d3 and c3.

What's next for Ride Retrievers

Refine code so that it can be hosted on a web domain. Add region shading to show the range of desired prices for client

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