During this particular time of quarantining with family, it is especially difficult to avoid the prying and judgmental eyes of parents and siblings. This simple webapp protects you from anyone passing by you looking at your screen. It is a simple, but effective countermeasure that utilizes computer vision and a webcam to detect people that enter the space behind you. If it does, it hides what you were previously looking at with a nearly universally recognizable musical masterpiece that is sure to deter anyone who may have tried to spy on you from behind.

You can authorize multiple people to be allowed to look at your screen with you, but if anyone extra is picked up by your camera, you can rest assured that whatever content you were looking at will be hidden immediately by Rick Astley's angelic visage and singing.

Rick Astley also has you covered if you leave your computer for a minute! If it detects you have left the computer, your content will be hidden so that anyone else who might pass by will not see your sensitive content.

We were inspired to create this project by our experiences living in quarantine with our families and having to deal with them invading our privacy by looking in on our screens.

We continually faced challenges in dealing with streaming video, optimizing performance, and making the technologies work well together. We overcame this challenges with massive amounts of googling and constantly perusing documentation. Needless to say, we all had at least 40 tabs open.

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