An attempt to write Rick and Morty Season 4 with AI. ((with tf))


Place data under data. Run python train.py and then python generate.py once your loss is <2.5.

To save generated data it is easiest to just do python generate.py > outfile.

Basically a fork of GOT Book 6 repo.

Bonus: Rap Lyrics

Trained off of Kaggle Kanye West Verses Dataset.

"Rick Cole Love with the Afterlife" - KanyAI West
 i tryna check out to blame to get their stars
 when you get a bad bad everybody motherfucker do their bitches for face
 my de
 so wall you i said you true you dont do the room damn bad
 so you aint imma say a matter or they wack mama and i got because
 it tape then here been coke
 see that cant say bitch
 god just than im to now to way like she aint and dreams on now
 thats im that yeah ye
 i know i try to see you dont feel to fuckin
 i guess you cant hold with her
 ill came me to you get with more now
 cause how you tryna take that back in ayo we plus a reason out
 things the bottom you when them cousin were cool

 aww cops things ving years
 like in the moes i dawgs same
 dont wanna buy packed then

 i hello go now
 looking would talkin bout to talking for a night
 and run though with the life then on high now and you might hear your member
 in niggas middle out
 i nobody no called
 now i try back in now when im good life if i could say a mommas a great we store
 said you right a lot
 and i dream catch the other man you anymore
 and that did she talked you sleep like yellow waiter there

 i know through the boobies house
 yall open god the right right
 oh slightly up from where next back in a name is til work man so what day what lets nobody fuckin with up and ye dont wanna change
 they embarrass what
 two fuck that
 we boobies dinner
 they im believe
 shit the problem or dreamin
 and stay all the bad old booty
 got raising ass boy be want
 a fly of one more keep so a whole life and fighting my ass back to my eyes dance said so love is they tried to messed down

 see em get your whole classes anyway you dont got me something to black interested
 to a bag i dont ever show her home but her
 you was the little hand of your guy cant got him to on dance
 i need over
 after you hot and she got lyin

 everybody say they brand new girls as some clothes is you since
 god want to tell off of the chokes
 pac up and cleaned up
 high though she wave at by
 i still even late at your prince like or that now she get missing emcees nights you
 when i gotta take the rhyme coppola
 i had some way you get more type
 fresh that close blew his niggas extra legs down
 i guess them only lie and let around im all it like this done
 make the game youre slow me of the baby before you love you
 now not tryna pop somebody is
 the tried me hit book with ali somethin can richer wave see
 if i get you play no better to fuckin was
 throw your cake of everything just profit
 and roll me to take that im some better
 skrrt last way he kill your bitch i let your ass before my tour
 or im the bed before we take a rings
 mhm feel head now since still bad words
 she lose in a new side got my other stars
 i know it gon high man drive and rock so local swerve and in the toes again
 ass things i got signed now our door tell me ask us
 lets admit out an damn bitch they black

 we apple the sweat that thats about my school
 im finna be wont make two long back like alone uh she all as clean
 oh we birds
 to the mall right up
 em all too kan they beat is
 what all the mood that hammers go like nobody make a way
 cause everybody gon been a fucking news
 i didnt you on the herbal tight couldnt come
 til last hands me he he see the question
 now im my top with my face with def this for my perfect though

 giving my ballers they
 do it gotta hear me til i could even cure through me up
 how you aint out at
 now im talking everything you starter got your momma dont care
 she getting that a talk whoo
 sometimes people thats the handlin ya shit with up as the style
 whats girl thats at our son welcome to one you went in a crib of sweeter off
 might get it that but here it cray plus now of my fuckin time for the place
 you wanna mommas his bitch
 textin in fast this homie played a now id on crack by they
 make with the bullshit with the daddy but well took a applaud this almost a middle

 i made the black how late close my soon now for convert summer in pardon man
 he like like you mean no essence am bout we get hard today
 girl i say she aint drop why broke some soon enough
 the good bitches back is and everything right up
 and many life you in real nigga raised my little where wrong
 i cant clapping now like some hold some self and the hurt keep
 this said you said too damn then
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