Reading through lines of words to find out the which dish he wants to eat is a tedious task for a student who has been studying for hours and just wants to relax. It is also a great pity for a student to miss the dish he favors when carelessly skimming through the dining webpage and ends up going to the servery with dishes he dislikes. Teammates in our group has all encountered similar situations. We need an app that can automatically search through the dishes and recommend the best suited servery for us. This is how RicEats is born.

What it does

RicEATS is a useful app that can help Rice students decide which servery to go to, recommend dishes to you based on personal preference. It searches through the Rice dining website to pull data. The data is placed into the Firebase server and is used for recommendations and displaying.

How we built it

The website is hosted on Firebase and the backend data pulling and recommendation algorithms are written in python.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges at every single point. All of our team was unfamiliar with web creation and hosting, as well as developing web crawling and recommendation algorithms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the automation and that we figured out how to create a database and connect to it.

What we learned

We learned a wide variety of skills: building clean-looking webpages using html and css, using firebase and communicating with the database to pull and write entries, creating a web crawler to search websites for information, and creating a recommendation algorithm.

What's next for RicEATS

We hope to fully implement all the features we had originally designed for RicEats.

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