Ribbid will revolutionize the way daily tasks are completed. Essentially what we are is a website that pairs people to specified tasks. However, unlike generic sites where goods or services are sold or auctioned, Ribbid offers a clever interactive reverse-bidding mechanism allowing "customers" to search through a wide range of tasks, select the ones that they enjoy, and "re-bid" on ones that they would like to complete at their own convenience. What's more, they have the opportunity to decide exactly how much their time is worth.

On the other side of the deal, those with an extremely busy schedule or extraneous circumstances are able to delegate tasks out, assign a price tag, and select the most trustworthy of offers that will help you complete those tasks... again, at the price that they are willing.

Ribbid put an exciting spin on the market, by allowing the true costs and prices of a task to be embraced. Rather than price tags truly set in stone, Ribbid opens up for a freer market, allowing convenience to take over. With instantaneous responses to just about any tasks you post, it doesn't take more than a few moments before you have an extensive selection of hires to choose from.

Ribbid is constructed as an application used on the go, so it implements designs with a "mobile-first" mentality. Log on with a single click through Facebook, and you will be able to instantly see how you can make fast cash around your area. Just conveniently sign into your Venmo account and you can start bidding on jobs with your search radius. Of course, you can easily customize your preferences: how far you are willing to travel and how much free time you have before you need to move on. After completing your task, have your host sign off on it, and cash is instantly transferred into your Venmo account......along with tips.

Behind the scenes, Angular,js + Express on Node.js based servers running on a MongoDB database hosts our Ribbid services. The search and generation of "tasks" is done using MongoDB's geospatial search APIs according to the user's locations, as determined by the HTML5 Geolocation API.

Some additional functions may include the user's ability to accumulate a positive (or negative) record as rated by other users of the app, information which is displayed on an integrated statistics page.

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