Everyday, millions of opinions go unexpressed in organizations - both large and small.

In some cases, this is due to existing hierarchal and social structures that make work environments unconducive to transparent sentiments and honest feedback. In others, employees are forced to learn not only what is required of their jobs, but also divisive office politics that tear apart companies.

Even in the best of cultures - the Twitters, Googles, and Facebooks of the world - the barriers that arise from identity-known contexts are often enough to suppress genuine interactions. How many times have bad ideas gone uncriticized simply because they came from our superiors?

Rhythmiq seeks to empower employees in organizations with the ability to freely speak their minds and equip HR teams with powerful sentiment analysis tools to capture the pulse of their organizations in real-time.

Use cases and features:

-Direct contact allows an individual user to reveal themselves to the creator of a particular post, signifying support for their idea. The creator can then approach the colleague/manager/executive leadership with confidence in their support. This allows for both risky and unconventional ideas to surface through anonymity while allowing the creator to maintain ownership of the idea

-Data visualizations showing the breakdown of sentiments for a particular tag (e.g. #Food), the 5 most popular tags/issues in the #UXEngineering team, problems people are having with #facilities across the company, and much, much more

-Upvote system that shows employees the most popular posts at any point in time

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