Cars can be incredibly dangerous in the modern world, accounting for the deaths of almost 3000 people each month in the US alone. Due to this astonishing fact, any way one can make driving safer can potentially save a life.

Many people, ourselves included, choose not to drive in complete silence, but instead but on our favorite songs while embarking on 20 or 30 minute commutes. However, many songs, particularly more upbeat, aggressive ones can often aggravate drivers into speeding, and conversely calmer songs could lead to a loss of speed, annoying other drivers and perhaps putting oneself in a dangerous position.

That is where our app, Rhythmic Ride, comes in. Using the power of Mojio to get user speeds and Nokia's traffic API to get speed limits on local roads, we are able to tailor the music playing on the user's phone to make them a safer driver. This approach primarily focuses on playing quicker, more aggressive music when the user is under the speed limit, subliminally encouraging them to speed up to the flow of traffic, and playing softer more relaxed music when the user is over the speed limit, relaxing them down to the appropriate speed. This app can make anyone who usually listens to music in their car a much safer driver, with almost no conscious effort on their part.

We are probably most proud of our ability to blend songs when transitioning in order to provide a smooth listening experience despite the dynamic nature of the music. Through this music playback system we designed, we are able to provide a continuous music experience while still dynamically adjusting to the user's driving.

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