'Rhythm&Vibration Application'

‘Rhythm&Vibration’ is vibration application especially helping the deaf to learn beats and become proficient in music. You can feel vibrations effectively by wearing the GEAR. To be more helpful for the deaf, this app offers the visualization of vibration. By converting a score to vibration pattern, it tells you the beat of the music. All of these features are easy to use because it is intuitive.


  • Features
    • Metronome vibrating by determined BPM and tempo.
    • Set the metronome running time.
    • User directly makes the vibration pattern by touching button.
    • Bring up the score(musicXML) and vibrate depending on the sound length(used in conjunction with the Android application).
    • Visualize the made vibration pattern and metronome beat.
    • Make and save the vibration pattern(used in conjunction with the Android application).
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