It all started a couple months ago when I said "screw it, I wanna make a video game." I'm a motion graphic designer by trade and I was always hesitant to get into game design since programming and all that technical know-how can be scary. But I hunkered down and started Unity's Jr. Programming course. I'm just about 80% percent through it when I find out (just hours before) about Microsoft's MRTK event. Then I learn about the Hackathon. Have I made a Unity game before? Nope. Do I know enough C# to figure it out? Maybe. Am I going to enter into the Hackathon anyways? Heck yeah I am. My favorite VR game is Beat Saber so I set out to try and do something with music.

What it does

Rhythm Fire is a fun little game that spawns targets to the beat of a song which players shot at with VR controllers. The goal is to try and hit all the targets, but if you miss some~ that's cool too. You can just vibe in the VR atmosphere.

How I built it

Originally I built Rhythm Fire in Unity 2019 with MRTK2.8. Which lead too....

Challenges I ran into

The whole thing was a challenge! I had no idea what I was doing through 99% of it, but I got really good at Googling my questions. I also became a pro at backing up my project because it felt like any time I did anything, I'd break Unity. I now count it as a talent of mine that I can consistently break Unity.

Oh, and building it in MRTK2.8? I goofed. I wasn't paying attention and ended up panicking two days before the deadline because now I had to convert everything to the proper version. Thankfully I was able to get it done in time. Now the project is built in Unity 2020 with MRTK*3*!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

EVERYTHING!!! I'm absolutely proud of everything I did on this project. I was just excited that I could get the MRTK toolkit to work in Unity. Forget about building a game. But the fact I was able to make what was in my head a reality is simply overwhelming.

What I learned

Would it be too cliche to go with the same answer as "everything?" For real though, the only experience I had was the learning tutorials in a few Unity lessons. To recap, I learned how to use: particles, audio, scripts, skyboxes, textures, trigger events, plug-in assets, UI, textmeshpro, Vector3's, github (I'm still confused about this one), how to connect an Oculus to my computer, a renderer, the wrong way to clean up a unity file, oh, and can't forget MRTK toolkit.

What's next for Rhythm Fire

I feel like I'm just getting started. I've learned so much over these past few weeks that Rhythm Fire is just the beginning. I could keep adding songs to the playlist or I could do something even more crazy... like join another Hackathon. I'm unstoppable.

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