Rhythm Dungeon aims to emulate the badassery of fighting for your life to the rhythm of upbeat music.


Users use a shield to deflect arrows that are fired to the beat of music. In order to “win” the player must survive until the end of the song.

XR Aspect

VR immersion is necessary to create a sensation of danger not present in non-VR experiences. The urgency of protecting yourself from multiple arrows at once paired with following a strong beat immerse the player in this short adventure.


The gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate, and we found it foolish to ignore the amazing opportunities that are available to us in this era. When it came to the Hackathon, we decided on an idea that matched our collective interests. Our group as a whole is musically oriented, which led us to integrate rhythm as a key component of our game.

Why Oculus

This was the first time any member on our team had worked in VR so we decided to use the system most commercially available to develop our project.

What WE learned

Every member on the team had learnt at least one new software during the 36-hour Hackathon.

Built With

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