I have been inspired by the Chia network team, the wonderful community, and a passion to see the ecosystem grow.

What it does

Rhizosphere current capabilities take any generated CLSP (ChiaLisp) file and serializes it into the hex format. Furthermore Rhizosphere allows for arguments to be curried and the whole project to be encoded as a wallet for test or mainnet.

How we built it

Within 72 hours I taught myself how to use the Python Tkinter module to create an interactive GUI that runs a powershell script but to run the CLSP commands created by Quexington (Matt) and housed within the Chia-Dev-Tools.

Challenges we ran into

Initial GUI is not very pretty and lacks some basic features but this has been created within only a few days and the additional features are already being added.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fully functional serialization and encoding tool for the Chia Blockchain (to my knowledge this is the first of its kind). A text editor with syntax highlighting has just been implemented and will be deployed by end of week, this has lead to a major overhaul of the GUI.

What we learned

Python is an excellent wrapper program for powershell scripts also the Chia team and community are extremely helpful!

What's next for Rhynosphere - a Chia IDE

Future implementations will make use of looping for label creation, consolidation of results into one output file, and a built-in CLI with plain text editor to allow for a full IDE experience. All of these features will be included in the next implementation expected to be available within the month.

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