Ever wondered what to do on a boring weeknight? Well fear not, as Alexa is here to challenge you to an epic rhyme off!

What it does

This project allows you to play a rhyming game with Alexa, going back and forth until someone gives in (hint: that's gonna be you). Just start the game and give Alexa a word to use, and she'll handle the rest. Just make sure you've brushed up on your rhymes! Who ever can't think of a rhyme fast enough, or repeats themselves first will be the loser.

How it was built

We build this whole project using node.js and the Amazon Alexa Skills SDK, while also making use of an online rhyming dictionary API.


It was a challenge to get Alexa setup and running, and it was even trickier to integrate the functions for the rhyming API into that.


We created our first skill for Alexa, which was a very rewarding challenge, and we also managed to have fun while doing it!

What we learned

Practice makes perfect--this event stimulates us to practice coding skills. Although, we are not experts in coding, we like coding and want to learn more in the future. The result does not matter, the process matters much more.

What's next for Rhyming Game

Upgrade it to another high-level game-Dragon and Dungeon with Alexa?

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