Hi and Hello All. First of all great thanks to demonstrate our app in this hackathon. I am Saravana Kumar an Undergraduate Student. Here I by developed an app to teach, learn language and Rhymes to the school children. This app had a great quiz or test to had the better understanding of learning. This app had an attractive UI to had the better visibility and interest in Learning. This app name Rhymes and Language app to teach native language numbers. This app will spell the word A for Apple like a teacher.

What it does

This app will spell the word and character like a teacher teaches. The quiz section had an drag and drop the image widget to the correct matching like a matching game. This involves a puzzle game of quiz and rhymes section. The UI is very good in terms of app and website.

How we built it

This app is build with Flutter (dart). The Flutter is an hybrid framework for Android and IOS and widows. This app had an backend of cloud of google drive for video type of learning. The drag and drop UI for Quiz and list UI for word Learning.

Challenges we ran into

The Responsive design for an app, finally we brings the responsive design. Testing the app is also the big challenge we face it off. Some of the packages are not supported for our System and we overcome that. The final challenge we face it off is the image collection for our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We proud that we completed the app and implemented 3 Languages and 5+ Rhymes and two quiz section and one number Learning Section.

What we learned

We Learned the flutter language in deep and also how to develop the app in Android Studio. We learn how to use the widgets in flutter. This is what we learned in this project.

What's next for Rhymes and Language Learning app

There will be two link below One is github Link repo and the second one is app hosted Link. When u visit the there will be a button called "Click here to download!" . When u Click that the APK will be downloaded in your System.

Built With

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