When I was a small child (only about 7 years ago), none of me or my friends had cell phones, unlike today where every kid has some kind of electronic device. This is not a bad thing, since technology enables you to be smarter! but kids today miss the old school problem solving and thinking out of the box skills.

Thinking back, we used to play a game me and my friends called the rhyme game, where someone said a word then you had to say a word that rhymed with that word. The words would get insane! Like boat can rhyme with coat which rhymes with tote. Although we didn't quite know if the rhymes were legitimate we still had a great time.

What it does

Rhyme game enables children to think outside of the box to create rhymes! It's not your simple trivia game! Alexa will throw out some strange words that you would have never thought of ! For example end quote rhymes with boat. This encourages children to think outside the box to come up with new, funny words and see if they rhyme.

How I built it

I used the Datamuse API to return a list of rhymes, after you say a word. And I store them in an array. If your on free-mode or easy, i do not compare the words you said to the array, for example, you say duck and then nickel, the word is not on the rhyme list, so it will be rejected.

For small children though, the limitation was too strict. Children want to be free, so for easy levels I just have Alexa respond to any request. It gets Really intense and fun! If you repeat a word,you or Alexa said, Alexa will warn you once, and then tell you that you matched a word you have said, then give you an alternative. For example you say "boat " twice.

Challenges I ran into

AMAZON.LITERAL no longer supported, Alexa is still not the best with understanding small differences in words, like Boat vs moat vs coat.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to have coded a game for Alexa, with multiple rules, levels etc.

What I learned

I learned lots about arrays, comparing arrays, comparing the array elements to themselves, functions, and global variables. I leaned I need to use functions much more often! and stop relying so much on global variables.

What's next for Rhyme Master

I would like to add a dictionary, so kids can ask what the word means!

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