Sumatran Rhinos are a critically endangered species who need our raised awareness and financial help. We can engage users through a cute mobile app incorporating a quiz and blending elements from successful mobile apps like Tamagotchi, Gatcha, and Pokemon Go to raise both awareness and funds for Sumatran Rhinos and other endangered species. Plus, we were excited to implement it!

What it does

RhinoGotchi is a proof of concept that takes place after the rhino-matching personality quiz. Players will have access to their newly discovered rhino immediately following the quiz. The game is driven by the player's excitement to engage with the animal in AR, and to discover new animals via a "Safari". Inside of AR, the players can feed their rhino treats by tapping their screen. The rhino then is alerted to the position of the treat and meanders over to it and begins eating and does a happy dance after to celebrate!

How we built it

We used the Unity 3D game engine and Google's ARCore SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Time! As a small team of two developers and a marketing expert, we focused on MVP. We would have loved to implement the other features listed in what's next.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While both Thekla and Nate are focused on back-end development, we think the UI came out pretty well. Nate nailed the AR core development, creating a cool interactive feed/playtime screen with Delilah.

What we learned

Bring more people! Also, how to use the ARCore development kit.

What's next for RhinoGotchi

New Features:

  • Add the remaining six rhino ambassadors and other endangered species
  • Implement safari experience to enable app users to expand their knowledge of other endangered species through receiving Pokemon-like cards with new facts and photos of their animal ambassadors
  • Implement leveling (more avatars for each animal, costumes, accessories, toys, activities)
  • Implement energy-based system to drive treats and playtime microtransactions, implement Tamagotchi-like statuses for ambassadors
  • Multiplayer AR experiences for play-dates between your and your friends' animal ambassadors (ARCore supports this!)

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