Sick weather and web MD diagnostics

What it does

This program allows any person to input common symptoms for the most common infectious diseases and through a sorting algorithm, calculates the most likely disease they have in the form of a pie chart. The program then displays a heat map of the disease prevalence across the United States and then depending for your state. We then pull remedies from accredited websites for OTC medications and house remedies for the illness.

How we built it

We used R-Studio and Shiny R to analyze and build our website.

Challenges we ran into

Learning Shiny R, and some of it's quirks for display. Lots of difficulty with HTML and javascript integration. Some strange factors with displaying the pie chart and probability calculations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating national heat maps and creating a dynamic pie chart. Our logo is also pretty cool!

What we learned

R is a good language if you need to do very powerful computational work, but is not the most appropriate for UI design.

What's next for Rhino DB

A more in-depth integration with the CDC to include more diseases and symptoms as well as an integration possibly with a pharmacy or biotech company for more accurate remedies, drugs, and recommendations for lay people. We also need to clean up the website a bit and make it look professional and maybe if we're lucky, get some endorsements!

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