This program is a simple word matching game utilizing Speare's Rhine API, written in Python 2.7. The player (user) is given an entity (a word, phrase, idea, or concept) and a set of entities related to that entity which the user must choose from. If they choose the entity with the lowest semantic distance (that is, the entity that is most statistically related) to the given entity, the player wins the round and moves up in difficulty. After 8 wins, the player wins the game.

The target user is anyone who wants to try out a fun game that demonstrates the power of the Rhine software. A key feature is the ability to cache (save) previously fetched results. For example, when the program runs for the first time, it will retrieve Rhine data about a particular entity and save the data to a text file. If that entity is ever accessed by the program again, the program can read the data directly from the text file instead of executing a time-consuming query process.

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