I didn't have an idea so I asked someone; What is your favourite: animal, color, programing language. I got the answer Panther, red, green and blue and C++.

What it does

Its a game, sometimes you win and it is fun. :) i tacked on machine learning at the end for fun

How I built it

C++ using openframeworks. Processing, Wekinator, OSC

Challenges I ran into

adding new addons to existing xcode projects

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I runs without too many issues

What I learned

The sponsors are all really nice. 2 hours sleep is enough When you have a deadline don't care about neat code, encapsulation, good variable names or commenting. they will slow you down. I can add new stuff on even in the last hour

What's next for RGB Panther

releases code on github bugfixes

Built With

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