RGB color is a type of computer input for color in the form of how red, blue, and green each pixel is. These values go from 0 (off) to 255 (full brightness). 255 of one color and 0 of the other two results in a very bright version of that color! The goal of this game is to guess the closest RGB values of a color just by looking at it.


This project is actually a game and a resource, built with 2 main goals-

  1. to be a fun way to explore new colors and
  2. to be a place where I, a digital artist, can challenge myself the way painters do by hand mixing their own colors of paint

The concept of learning to manually identify RGB values is one I have been sitting on for a while and the thing I love about hackathons is that they give me a chance to work on my ideas without interruptions.


This game is built in python. It incorporates everything from the random module to generate the original color to turtle and tkinter for visualization of colors and easy input. I built the game section first and then incorporated the twitter part later on, the goal with the twitter portion was to have a way that you and your friends can easily "challenge" each other to see who can get a better score but also as an outlet to share the colors you have made.


The biggest challenge I ran into while making this project was learning the twitter api and the tweepy module. I have had a twitter dev account for multiple years but never had the motivation or the patience to learn how to properly use it. I am really proud of how I was able to learn at least some basics of the module in such a short amount of time.


The easiest next step is to add the score of the round/the guess they made to the tweet, but then the next stage of this project will most likely be full twitter integration, where there is no need to run python locally. I am constantly striving to learn more so once I am satisfied with a twitter version, I would love to use this project as a base to learn some app design basics.


Because I had to publicly share the code for this project on GitHub I did not wish to keep the up to date Access Tokens on the file itself as it could lead to issues. Please when attempting to view the project past these tokens into the file :)

consumer_key = 'h81eG4lCifVBtAXYuQnzorz9D' consumer_secret_key = 'qEIEyME2hWfUHVt3KiFJ1unYDwf7PdplYYmKV8UQjVMomKKqKa' access_token = '1421127678514638850-RXE4Xr3H1Qe5wQnKKVnip44dvf0kdP' access_token_secret = 'QPHh8FsmZV20Gt69Yb4eWq82RFOxNmZDYkmFqT99NbBY7'

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